Mandatory Certification for Helmets
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National Technical Regulation 
 QCVN 2:2008/BKHCN

Certifcation guidelines
 Decision No. 04/2007/QĐ - BKHCN dated September 28, 2007 of Ministry of Science and Technology 
Decision No. 1024/QĐ-TĐC dated August 06, 2008

Relevant Documents
 Diploma No. 1119/TĐC-ĐGPH dated August 15, 2008 on guiding implementation of QCVN 2:2008
Diploma No. 1309/TĐC-ĐGPH dated September 19, 2008 on guiding Certificate Form Supplement
Diploma No. 1520/TĐC-ĐGPH dated October 23, 2008 on guiding using CR mark on Helmets
Diploma No. 2727/BKHCN-TĐC dated October 31, 2008 on producing and trading in Helmets

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